• Gloria Johnson

My Weight Loss Story and How Herbalife Has Changed My Life!

I’ve been overweight for most of my life. The largest I had ever been was 320 pounds! I always felt hungry and took no control of the portions of what I ate. Because of my excessive weight, I was taking blood pressure, anti-depressants and diabetic medications. I also had heart, major knee & hip problems and was using a C-Pap machine for Sleep Apnea.

Tired of being sick and overweight, I sought diet programs to improve my health. I tried slim fast, Jenny Craig, the Atkins diet, fasting and Alli pills. I even had a date scheduled to have lap band surgery after being cleared from all my doctors. I couldn’t find anything that would make me feel full and not eat as much.

Then I met with a health Coach at a local nutrition club and began a program with Herbalife. That was when my whole life began to change!

Herbalife has now become routine for me. My meal plans consist of a shake or snack for breakfast and lunch, then a low carb dinner and snack before bed. Through the course of the day I drink over a gallon of water before 6pm. I also take a multi vitamin and drink my Herbalife tea to boost my metabolism.

Since I began my Herbalife regimen, I am down to 250 pounds, off of my Cpap machine and off of all medications except a low dose blood pressure medication. With my Herbalife program, I am more motivated to achieve my weight loss goals. I feel energized, confident, my self-esteem is higher, and I love running! I still have some more miles to go but I am so much happier. I just want to be as healthy as I can be!

Heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol is hereditary on both sides of my family. Hypertension is more prevalent among African American women than any other group of women, so I know I must take my weight loss goals more seriously. For all of these reasons, I knew I had to make a change and stick to it! I refuse to that let my weight and eating habits get the best of me and possibly end my life. I know that God has the finale say and I am so glad that he guided me to Herbalife!

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