• Kisha "K-Lashe' Monae" Nimmons

kISHA NIMMONS IS "k-lashe' Mone'!

" Nothing great comes easy, but with God , I believe everything is possible! ! " - Kiisha

Born in South Carolina and now residing in Philadelphia, PA, Kisha “K-Lashe’ Monae” Nimmons is an up and coming Clothing Designer and Gospel & Inspirational Singer.

As a girl, Kisha would watch her Grandmother create clothing designs. This inspired her passion for the art of fashion. She loved the art and expression and fun of dressing up for photo shoots, so it’s no surprise that her love for the industry seemed to come naturally. Enthralled by the vibrant colors and materials that are so eloquently draped over models it became clear that this was truly a desire of her heart. Combining fashion and beauty with a sense of class, charm, sass and sophistication describes the K-Lashe’ Mone’ brand.

Kisha is a part-time student as well as a fulltime employee at the University of Pennsylvania. Motivated by her love for learning and succeeding, she strives to become an outstanding and successful Entrepreneur. With the definitive goal of becoming a professional model, fashion designer, professional singer and business owner, she surrounds herself with like-minded individuals with the same motivation and qualities that she possesses.

In an effort to expand the influence of her “K-Lashe Monae” brand, Kisha joined the Smooches Woman Movement in 2016 as a Plus Sized Model. She has been featured in Smooches Woman publications and their 2020 pin-up calendar. She also has displayed some of her designs in collaboration with the Global Mindset brand.

In 2018 , Kisha was featured in a duet called “Legacy of Love” with indie recording artist, Nadira Norjahan The song was unofficially released in 2018 and played over the airways in many countries worldwide! The official release of “Legacy of Love” is set for some time in 2021.

Kisha continues to gain exposure and explores the world of fashion for greater ideas and cultural insight. There are plans to launch a website, create more design showcasing with new clothing designs, t-shirts and accessories. While Kisha perseveres in her successes, the “K-Lashe Monae” brand is setting a great pace to enter 2021.

You can find more info about Kisha “K-Lashe’ Monae” Nimmons on Facebook as K-Lashe Reeves.

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