• Queen Enyonam Sallah

I am queen, unapologetically!

All Hail... The Queen of the Sallah Legacy!

If I don't acknowledge My Royalty...Who Will?

Having reached the Level of a "Well Seasoned" Melanated Sistah, the Journey I've traveled wasn't the easiest. Although if given a choice, I would have taken the same route!

Along the way I've been Blessed with My Fab Five (my children) and Plus (4 Prophets and 1 Queen-in training plus 2 Grand Princes' and 1 Grand Princess to date! (My children and grands). I am the Very Proud Royal Mate and wife to King Sallah, a 100% Ewe Man from the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. Our Journey of Love was Divinely Appointed by Jah/Divine Creator.

The gift of My Mind and Hand is found within the World of Crafting, Presentation, Hospitality, Nurturing and Love. Providing the Service of Excellence comes through me as an Insurance Agent, Ordained Officiant, Private Contractor of Delivery Services, Personal/Administrative Assistant as well Mother, GrandB (“Grand Beautiful” as my grandchildren call me) and Sistah Friend.

My Mission in this Life is to leave every life that I touch mentally, personally and spiritually EmPowered, branding them (from a figurative perspective) with the Impression of Their Self Worth, equivalent to Priceless Value. My Sincere Gift to all is that of True Intentional Love (One Human Being to Another). I Stand for ALL of Humanity from a place of Integrity and Compassion. To my fellow Muzilog Women and the Rest of the Reading World....I have just personally introduced to You...Queen Ani Enyonam Sallah!


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