Here, MW will highlight Our Kings who make a lasting impression and create an outstanding legacy throughout the African Diaspora through forward progression, contribution and dedication! Our Kings are AWESOME and WORTHY OF RECOGNITION!


Samuel Archer

samuel archer

Creator & Editor-In-Chief, MUZILOG MAGAZINE

Written by Nadira Norjahan

Ok. What can I say about this man? This King? Sam is not only Muzilog’s creator and sustainer, he is also a CLASSICALLY TRAINED PIANIST & INSTRUCTOR, RECORDING ARTIST, SONGWRITER, POET, MUSIC PRODUCER, COMPOSER & ENGINEER, PUBLICIST, WEBSITE CREATOR, PHOTOGRAPHER, VIDEOGRAPHER, GRAPHIC DESIGNER, MARKETING MANAGER and AUTHOR. He is therefore quite appropriately named our first KING to be highlighted in this segment.

Raised on the Island of Tobago and partially in Brooklyn, NY, Sam became a musical phenom at age four, playing piano for church services. Over the years, he has become quite formidable on the music scene. He is a Valedictorian Alumni of Full Sail University, a very respected institution of performing arts in the United States.


Sam has also written the song “Baby Girl” performed by the singing group B2K and appearing on the Epic/Sony Record Label. The song also appears on the soundtrack for the movie, “Barber Shop”.  In addition to all of this, Sam has scored music for films and television shows and independent film.

Sam has provided Marketing and Digital Services to clients such as the infamous Publicists to the Stars, Angelo Ellerbee, Prince Henry Entertainment Group, The Poconos Mountain Film Festival and many more. He has produced countless vocalist, rappers, bands and poets, INCLUDING MYSELF (NADIRA NORJAHAN), PAPA REU, DOMONIQUE MATHURIN, ALAIN EMMANUEL & COURTNEY FADLIN and many, many more!


I’m sure that I speak for my colleagues when I say that Sam is not only patient, superbly talented, and gracious, but he is also a perfectionist in all of his work!


Sam’s latest achievement is the publication of his book “Hybrid Executive”, a new terminology he has coined to outline the responsibilities of today’s Indie Music Artists! This book is gaining worldwide recognition and deserves to be in your library!


So, MUZILOG WOMAN not only honors the creator of our parent publication. We also honor him for all that he has and continues to contribute to the African Diaspora with his plethora of talents and skills!




Where to find Sam and his work:







To see his production of my music career, please check out www.nadiranorjahan.com and Nadira Norjahan on YouTube!